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Daniel Gore Laser Eye Treatment

What happens on the day?

Explaining the process takes longer than the treatment, by a long way. Read on to find out about what will happen on the day of treatment.

Preparation is longer than treatment too

Preparing you for the procedure takes longer than the procedure itself, starting with your arrival at the Laser Refractive suite on the 4th floor of Moorfields Eye Hospital. 

  • You arrive at the Moorfields Private Admission and Refractive Suite and check in at the reception. You will be asked to take a seat before one of our nursing team takes you through the aftercare treatment, including eye drops and how to look after your eyes following your laser eye surgery.
  • You might be nervous. Don't worry - help is available. Click here for more information. 

  • Next is your pre-treatment consultation with Daniel Gore. He will discuss the treatment, answer any of your questions and take you through the consent form.
  • You are then taken through to the treatment room. You will lie flat on the bed and we will instil some gentle anaesthetic eye drops.
  • Both eyes are treated with the laser. Less than a minute is an average treatment time for each eye. 

  • When you sit up moments later at the end of the treatment, your vision is likely already to be better. You will then be taken to the adjacent recovery room by one of our nurses.  
  • Your post-operative drops are instilled and you are given your post-operative prescription pack/instructions before heading home.