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Nervous patient

Photo by boram kim on Unsplash

Nervous about treatment

It’s quite normal to feel apprehensive about laser vision correction. The reality is much less scary.

During your consultation, Daniel Gore will discuss with you what happens, and on the day talk you through the different steps. Anaesthetic drops are used to numb the eyes so that no pain is felt during the procedure. With LASIK, you will feel some pressure while the flap is created. Advances in laser technology mean that treatments are now very quick – the excimer laser that reshapes the cornea typically takes about 10 seconds in LASIK and under a minute in LASEK or TransPRK.

You won’t feel any pain, however you will notice a strong smell a few seconds in to the treatment (similar to burnt hair). As well as the clip to help keep your eyelids open during the treatment, the laser tracks your eye movements to ensure the treatment is perfectly aligned - this means that you don’t need to worry about looking in the right direction. If you were to suddenly look away, sneeze or cough, the laser will automatically stop and the treatment will only resume once your eyes are in the correct position.

Help is at hand

If you’re still really nervous at the thought of laser eye surgery, a sedative in the form of a tablet can be given to help you stay relaxed. This takes about 20 minutes to take effect - you can decide on the day if you wish to have this. If you have sedation for your treatment, we recommend someone accompanies you during your journey home.