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Eye make-up and laser eye surgery

It’s not just vanity. There are important precautions you should take with regards face and eyelid products for both women and men before and after laser eye surgery.

Initial consultation

Try to keep mascara and eye liner to a minimum. Make-up often spills over inside the eyelids and washes over the surface of your eyes. This can interfere with your scans.

Day of treatment

No eyelid or face make-up, skin lotions or perfumes. This is because vapour from skin products can interfere with the laser energy delivered to the eye and adversely affect the accuracy of your treatment. This applies similarly to aftershave.

After treatment

  • Avoid any make-up that can flake off or overspill inside the eyelids for at least the first week until the surface of your eyes has healed. This includes mascara and eye liner.
  • Foundation, creams and lotions can be applied after two days, but the eyelids should be avoided.
  • Take care removing make-up, avoiding any aggressive rubbing over the eyelids.
  • We recommend purchasing a new set of make-up brushes for use after your laser treatment as bacteria are known to colonise brushes used for extended periods.