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Photo by Oleg Magni on Unsplash

TV, Mobile and other screen time after laser

Screen time immediately post-laser should be avoided. Find out why, and how to take a break from digital life below.
The issue here is that when you’re concentrating on a phone, laptop or TV you’re likely to blink less meaning that the surface of your eyes will dry out more quickly. This is more likely in the first few hours after laser eye surgery because the anaesthetic drops used during the treatment may still be wearing off meaning you won’t get the normal ‘feedback’ to blink at the usual rate. The anaesthetic drops also temporarily switch off normal tear production.

Drops, drops and more drops…

Topping up with artificial tear drops is crucial during the first day of your LASIK surgery. You’ll be given drops to instil multiple times through the hour. So, give the TV a break that first day, put your phone down and instead lie back, listen to some music and try not to get too excited about not reaching for your glasses first thing in the morning!

Below is a brief guide of what to expect in this 24-hour period after your laser eye surgery with Daniel Gore:

  • The first 3 – 4 hours, rest with your eyes closed most of the time.
  • Avoid bright lights – sun glasses indoors can help too
  • Don’t rub your eyes – if they’re feeling sore, reach for the tear drops
  • Keep your head out of the shower, or take a bath instead – you need to avoid getting soap or tap water in your eyes
  • The following day, ease yourself back into normal activities, with regular use of the drops to keep them well lubricated 

Once you’re back at work, remember to take regular breaks from screen time. Keep your drops on your desk and use them regularly through the day. This is especially important if your office is heavily air conditioned.

Enjoy your break from digital life!

We are all starting to realise the negative effects of too much screen time. With screen time limiters gaining in popularity, take advantage of this limited screen time. Walk, talk, listen to the radio, take it all back to basics and enjoy it.